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Jayni Lovechild is an independent fashion designer based in Leeds, UK. Focusing on exotic gothic glamour, punk couture, badass lingerie, avant garde costume and killer accessories. Working from her 18th century weavers cottage not far from Haworth and Bronte country, Jayni divides her time between designing and spending time with her cheeky chestnut horse Star.

As a little girl my wonderful grandma taught me how to bead and embroider ( I was terrible at it and she sighed a lot!) and in between my tutoring she would make me fabulous Victorian bustle dresses and faux leopard coats for my dolls. I grew up in a house full of wonderful fabrics, lace, buttons and ribbons with my grandma leaning over the dining room table, pins sticking out of her pursed lips as she cut out her fantastic designs using a pattern that only existed in her head. Somehow, somewhere along the line, something must have rubbed off on me!

I have been designing and customising vintage clothes for over twenty years now. In that time I've stood freezing to death in the snow on market stalls, hawked my designs round local boutiques, worked at the Grand Theatre for Opera North and run my own vintage clothes shop. I have also had my designs sold in Top Shop and Urban Outfitters through my job as designer at Blue Rinse in Leeds way back in the mists of time. And yes, we were customising vintage gear way before it got so trendy! ;-)

 I decided I wanted to go it alone to explore my creativity and see what happened so Lovechild Boudoir was born in November 2005!

All my designs are hand made in Yorkshire by myself alone and are not mass produced in a sweat shop overseas. Most of my fabric and trimmings are sourced from local vendors in Yorkshire and Leicestershire. The feathers are ethically sourced and cruelty free so shopping at the Lovechild Boudoir means that no small children or cute furry animals have been harmed in the production of your garment or accessory.

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